Monday, January 18, 2010

Save me from the desert...

Nearly three years ago when Rich and I got married in Perth it was 45 degrees on our wedding day. It was just too hot. Our MC welcomed everyone to 'the oven' when he started the introductions for the night.

Yesterday it was 44 and today it was 43. And as boring as this may sound, its a different type of heat. Dry. And hot. Yesterday I hung out three loads of washing and by the time I came back inside the clothes were dry, I kid you not.

I spent most of the day in the pool with a mexican sombrero hat on. Liam stayed in his clam shell with water under the gazebo in mum and dad's backyard and then I would only take him into the pool with about 50 layers of spf 30+ on.

Today when I was catching the train home from work the trains were delayed because the tracks had basically melted. Poor Rich is dying because although we've lived in Sydney, he's never experienced the hot Perth summers.

We move into our new home on Friday and thank god it has air con. One of the girls at work told me to turn it on at 3am and then turn it off at 7am and your house should stay cool for the day and it will save us money.

We bought a beautiful mocha coloured modular lounge on Saturday and a beechwood table with cream leather chairs as well that's gets delivered on Saturday morning. I'm very excited about getting new furniture and have sure the new lounge is scotch guarded so Liam can't paint it.

I'll post some pictures very soon.

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