Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello long weekend...

I love love love long weekends.

I don't have a lot planned this weekend. I am going to take it easy. Its been a hard week and I'm still getting over a bug that all of us have had. I've been invited to a girls night tonight in the city but I'm going to drive my car in, join my friends in their hotel room for an hour or two and return back to my cosy love nest. I need my rest and I really want to get some exercise in this weekend too.

Its been so hot in Perth. Everyone is obsessed with the weather here. Liam is coping with it amazingly well, whereas Rich and I just forget how hot it gets here.

Tomorrow we are going house hunting. Just putting a few tenative feelers out there and scoping out suburbs now that we feel a little more settled. We have a bit of an idea what to look for and wouldn't mind a project, like a bathroom or kitchen.

Liam changed overnight and is scaling everything in sight. He's standing and cruising furniture and will sit and watch the dishwasher and point and laugh at it. He's such a cutie.

Look how much my boy has changed lately!!

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