Monday, March 1, 2010

A new life????

Yesterday we went househunting.
We looked at houses close to the city, where you pay more for your suburb but need to do a lot of work on the house. After the fourth house, we started to feel like this whole househunting thing was going to be a huge chore. For the money people were asking, there was just no wow factor. Of course, our budget limits this and being first time buyers, there has to be a fair amount of comprimise on our part.

Our last house was a 25-30 minute drive out of the city. It was north and right on the coast next to beach. The suburb is called Butler and its a new estate. I'd never been up there and was keen to take a look, Rich was not. He couldn't see the point of looking at a suburb that was so far out of the city.

We punched in the address into the sat nav and took our time driving up. We looked at the coastline and how quiet it was up there. The beautiful streets and parks, the number of families enjoying their Sunday and how beautiful the houses looked.

We looked at the house. It was too small for us, but it was the best one we'd looked at all day. We noticed some vacant land blocks and took a drive around. It was quiet and clean and everyone was friendly. Best of all it was right next to the beach and the beach was deserted.

Driving back, we talked about building. Buying some land and building our own home. Perhaps staying up there and having a quiet life and giving Liam the best start in life. The more I think about it, the more it appeals to me. Next weekend we are going to go up and have a look at some display homes.

Its so totally removed to where I thought we would end up, but its probably a more realistic choice. Buying a house here is big money and this is one way where we could get what we want for the price that we want it for. Yes, maybe we would have to spend more time on the train or in the car...but look at how beautiful it is...


Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

Jo I am completely with you on this. On wednesday we pick up the keys to a house we are going to rent. It is in the national park but the town has a small village feel and it is oh so quiet and peaceful. It is a bush setting and our new house is right on the water. It has a sense of calm about it that appeals to our family. An oasis to come back to at the end of a busy day/week/month with the ocean right at our gate.

Slower,calmer,cleaner was all worth the drive to work for us.

I think it sounds great Jo

Amy said...

I love living out of the way - the commute doesn't bother us - its all worth it to wake up in such a beautiful peaceful location.

I am very excited for you!


Shellsibelle said...

Wow what a beautiful spot! I think it is a great idea to buy a house for lifestyle rather than for ease of travel to work. Remember we only work to live, not live to work! :]

All the best in your house-hunting xox