Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bad blogger..

I've not been very good at regular updates lately have I?

Apologies. This month has been very busy. Work has been mad, Liam is teetering into the terrible two's (although he doesn't two until December so how does that work exactly?), we are house hunting and saving frantically to add to our deposit and just being generally crazzzzzyyyyy.

Easter is around the corner as we speak, so I promise a more interesting post in the next few days.

In the meantime, here is my little munchkin enjoying a Sunday coffee in the bath last weekend.

NB: I don't drink coffee, I have hot chocolate with one marshmallow (always will) and Liam becomes obsessed with my cup which I rinse out and let him play with!

1 comment:

Shellsibelle said...

Thanks for the disclaimer! At first I thought, "Wow, they start them early these days" hehehe. I too am not a coffee drinker and love my hot chocolate + marshmallow! :]