Monday, April 19, 2010


Over the weekend I finally decided that it was time to take charge of my health and get my back problem sorted out. Today I left work early and went to the chiropractor who really spend a good couple of hours sorting out my problems.

I've been really down about my back. I had to spend the weekend in bed not moving because the pain got so bad. I was downing painkiller after painkiller and I really haven't eaten properly since Friday. I get so angry at myself that I keep putting other things before my health. Its so not on...if I am not well, what use am I to Liam or my darling husband?

Whilst having an emotional meltdown on the weekend, I said to my mum and husband that if this pain didn't get any better then Liam would be an only child. It killed me to say that, but I think I was just so tired and exhausted that I didn't really mean it.

Anyway, action has been taken, my Chiro Dane is working on a plan for me and its time to start taking care of me.

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Simone said...

oh no, i hope dane does wonders for you. look after yourself