Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye Ann

During the week I was told the tragic news of a school friends mother passing.

I went to a private catholic high school and made friends with a girl called Clair and her lovely sisters Jane and Kelly. I remember these girls being great friends, as well as sisters. They lived in a beautiful old cottage at the back of the school church and behind the priests residence.

I remember going to their house after school and their mum Ann being in the kitchen, with a hot drink and a plate of goodies. We'd sit at her big, kitchen table and she would say 'tell me about your day'. Coming from a family of boys, I loved going to Clair's house. I'd always wanted a sister.

Ann was inspiring. She was a single mother to these three girls and did a huge amount of work for the community and the school. She looked after the Brothers and Sisters who taught us. She was always happy and was such a supportive parent and friend.

I was so happy to hear that she remarried 10 years ago and sold the beautiful cottage and moved to a farm with her new husband. My friend Clair moved to the US and has three beautiful girls, one of which is only a few months old. Her mum just got back home after spending time with her new granddaughter.

Last Saturday night Ann went to pick up her husband in town and her car crashed head on into a tree and she died instantly. Her eldest daughter said that she looked so peaceful when she went to see her and there was not a scratch on her.

I am so sad for the family, such a tragic passing. I'll be going to a mass to say goodbye and I will always think of the beautiful Ann.

RIP beautiful lady.



Simone said...

what a sad way to die. rip

Shellsibelle said...

Very sad that such a lovely lady had to go so soon :[ Wishing you strength for the Mass, Jo. It's never easy to say goodbye.

So sorry for her family's loss. It is wonderful though that she was able to see her daughter and granddaugters before her time came xox