Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Spa

One of the things I have noticed since moving back to Perth is the number of Day Spa's everywhere. It seems I can't drive down a main street without some serene, calming shop front enticing me in to spend a lot of money to get pampered.

I remember a couple of months before my wedding I won a $500 voucher for a Day Spa in Paddington in Sydney and I had to use it over two consecutive visits.





If I had more disposable income and didn't feel so guilty spending money on myself I would easily be making an appointment at a Day Spa on a regular basis. Instead I get my brows waxed and a facial done every month at my local chemist.

On Tuesday I had to move office blocks and I have moved into a really nice office building in Perth called Central Park. This afternoon I noticed we have a Day Spa in our building and this definitely caught my eye:

Energy Pod

You are put into a optimum napping position to promote blood circulation and ease pressure on your lower back, drifting into a light sleep. Proven to help energise and improve concentration throughout your day. 20 minutes for $15.00 guarantees that you will feel like you have slept for 8 hours in your lunchbreak.

Hello? I think I might have to make an appointment.


Danielle said...

Hi Joanna,

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment. Would you like me to have a little play around with your layout/design.

Send me a quick e-mail to with an inspiration ideas and we can get started.


p.s - I would kill for a day at the day spa. Even just a soak in the tub with some bubbles but sadly we do not have a bath in this house :(

Shellsibelle said...

Oh my goodness I feel sleepy just looking at the pod!!