Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jersey-licious vs FIFA World Cup...

The series takes place in the Gatsby Salon in Green Brook Township, New Jersey, focusing on the mother and daughter owners of the salon, Gayle Giacomo and Christy Pereira. Other figures include two makeup artists, Olivia Blois Sharpe and Alexa Prisco ("the Glam Fairy"), and three hairdressers: Tracy Dimarco, Anthony Lombardi and Gi Gi Losco.
Its so sad when I hear myself say to my friends 'I could not live without Foxtel IQ'.
Since having Liam, I love nothing better than curling up on the couch with a wine and indulging in reality-trash telly. And my absolute guilty pleasure is Jersey-licious. I am fascinated with all things Jersey. When I went to New York I had to make the trip over to Jersey and see all the Yentas for myself. They crack me up.
This show is so bad. My husband thinks I am hurting my brain by watching it, but this show kills me. I just think its so funny and I love it.
Anyway, these days I have to record everything as my husband has sole use of the remote control for the next month with the World Cup on. I'll have to be getting up at odd hours to watch my programs.

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parisbaby said...

i love oliva she the best person on the show