Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date Night

Last week while my husband and I were madly trying to clean the house I mentioned to him we hadn't had a date night in ages. One of the reasons we moved to Perth was to have a support system (my family). Do we use it? Hell no. Unless you count mum taking care of Liam on Tuesdays while we are at work.

My mum is always at us to have date nights. She thinks you can't have enough of them.

Our problem is that since Liam was born we now have this deep rooted guilt that it would be wrong to spend money on ourselves. How wrong this is. Its only lately and I mean in about the last few months or so we have actively encouraged each other to treat ourselves. Where this guilt comes from I don't know. On close inspection of my underwear drawer I only have two bra's and most of my underwear is losing its elastic. Clearly I should be spending money on myself and soon, but do I do it? I should be.

I'm veering off track but stay with me.

So, I set about organising date night. Since my husband loves a flutter there is a place called Gloucestor Park in Perth that does the 'trots' and there are three restaurants to choose from where you can eat to watch the horses trot around a few laps and you can place your bets on them. I thought it would be right up his alley and I could at least eat a hot meal with a glass of champagne without having to catch flying food from a 19 month old. A rare treat in my book.

Of course things never run smoothly in the Spillane family. I was late home from work which meant we were late picking up Liam from child care. He must have instinctly known we were going out that night as he decided to cling to my leg once we got home which made the task of pretty-ifying myself somewhat harder. I just had to make do with what I had on and do my make up in the cab.

The cab turned up early and my brother, sister in law and niece where running late. When they did turn up I had to run through Liam's routine and when we finally opened the front gate to get into the cab I saw a little face with big tears running down his cheeks.


Please, my husband said, we hardly ever do this, try and switch off.

We did have a lovely night. We drank wine and had a lovely meal and finally won some money in the final race. We talked about Liam a lot and admitted we missed him terribly. We went to a bar afterwards with a log fire to have a Guinness. It was a lovely night and our son was tucked up in bed by 7pm thanks to my lovely sister in law.

We ran into his room after we got home and kissed his cheeks and decided he needed to go for a haircut for the following day. We made ourselves a cuppa and got into our warm bed while it poured rain outside.

A lovely evening my darling, thankyou xx

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