Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heart of glass...

On Tuesday nights Richard and I tape a program and watch it after Liam has gone to bed.

Its called The Street and its by a director called Jimmy McGovern on ABC2.

The Street is a BBC television series created by Jimmy McGovern. The programme follows the lives of various residents of one street in Manchester and features an all-star cast, including Timothy Spall, Jim Broadbent, Jane Horrocks, Bob Hoskins and David Thewlis.

Its not easy to watch and its certainly thought provoking.

Last night's episode was particularly tough. It involved a baby dying and at one point, we nearly switched it off. Its harrowing to watch something about children when you are a parent.

We stuck with it and honestly, cried buckets. Bawled. The writing, direction and acting in this drama series is beyond powerful.

As soon as it was over we switched it off and sat there in stunned silence. We both got up and raced to Liam's room and watched him sleep.

One of the lines has stuck with me all day today:

'Live a good, honest life and have a child. Bring that child up with love and give it the best that you can'.

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