Sunday, August 29, 2010

The House - Part 2

Ok, so we got the house! Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The catch is we got the house subject to finance approval, so now we are waiting on that. I am going to church during my lunchbreaks to pray to a higher being for finance approval. Our broker said we should be fine, but of course, Richard and I will stress ourselves out until we know we have it.

As it all happened so quickly, we forgot that we are still in a lease which doesn't end till January. After repeated phone calls to our real estate agency, we need to find a new tenant and lose a bit of money, but we still don't know for sure if we have the house with the whole finance approval thing.

Rich and I don't make it easy for ourselves do we?

I am so excited but I am trying not to get too excited. I love this house sooooo much and I took a drive up to see it yesterday and it really is so perfect. I can't wait to live there.

Keep praying for us!



Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

I have everything crossed for you all.I am sure it will all come together

Amy said...

Oh how wonderful!!!!

Nothing is quite as chaotic and stressful as buying a house - but you laugh together about it later on. Wishing you the best through the craziness xoxo

Amy said...

Oh Good Luck!

As a property manager I know all too well the stresses of people committing to a house and not realising that they can't just step out of the lease agreement.

Hopefully you can find a new tenant quickly and save you some money!