Saturday, August 7, 2010

Single mamma

Richard left to go to Melbourne and Sydney for work on Thursday, so it is me and Liam on our own for this weekend.

Is it strange that I got more done than I usually would on a Saturday than if my husband was around? Perth doesn't have Sunday shopping (I know kill me now) so we usually go full bore getting everything done on a Saturday, as well as looking at home opens.

This morning my little man woke me up at 6.30am and we went to the Farmers Market (aka The Spud Shed), the car wash (poor Liam freaked out and had to climb in the front with me which was not ideal), vaccumed the car, nap time, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, bought flowers for my auntie who's dog has gone missing and had afternoon tea and made a tuna bake.

Mind you, I didn't get to shower all day!

I miss my husband though. I hate him being away. I miss talking to him and I hate sleeping alone so Liam is my substitute hot water bottle.

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